On May 14th in Buffalo, USA, racism killed another 10 people. All united against racism

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A young racist white man, 18 years old, murdered with an assault rifle 10 American citizens in a supermarket in Buffalo, USA, because they were black.

He was heavily armed and traveled hundreds of miles in cold blood to commit his crime, filmed it and broadcast the images live on the Internet.

On his weapon was written the word “Negro” and another inscription with the seal of the American white supremacism and the number 14 in reference to the slogans of the neo-Nazi movements.

The crime is racist and claimed as such. Its author was a follower of the racist theses known as the Great Replacement. In France, this thesis, which has no scientific basis, is promoted by the extreme right, in particular by Eric Zemmour, an extreme right-wing candidate in the presidential elections and previously by the FN.

In France too, the multiplication of racist aggressions and crimes such as the murder in Paris on Saturday, May 14, committed by a racist and anti-Semite, a sympathizer of the extreme right, reminds us that racist theses produce the same consequences everywhere, the extent of which varies according to the weapon used.

In Buffalo, the assailant was equipped with a weapon of war, the possession of which is unfortunately allowed by law in the USA.

Racist indoctrination is the ideological basis of the crime, and the right to own weapons facilitates the act.

For the Peace Movement, the fight against racism is a priority. It is part of the construction of a society and a world of justice, fraternity, solidarity and peace. In France, anti-racist laws which remind us that racism is not an opinion but a crime, must be rigorously applied, and education for a culture of peace and non-violence, including the fight against racism, must be developed at all levels of society.

The Peace Movement

Saint-Ouen May 17, 2022


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