No to the Trump/Netanyahu plan, which denies the rights of the Palestinian people !

Urgent action must be taken to ensure respect for these rights

President Trump’s announcement on 28 January 2020, in the presence of only Israeli representatives, of the so-called peace plan to settle the Israeli-Palestinian «conflict» constitutes a scandalous denial of international law, of the right of peoples to self-determination, and of the right of the Palestinian people to enjoy their land.

Indeed, this plan has been deeply constructed and put in place since Trump came to power in order to create the conditions for an unilateral enforcement of Trump’s plan regarding Palestinians. It had been preceded by decisions of the US President (validation of the legality of the settlements in the West Bank, occupation of the Golan Heights, Jerusalem proclaimed «one and indivisible capital» of the State of Israel, relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, end of financial support to UNWRA . It is also undoubtedly a strategy to go around the ongoing trials connected to corruption which the two American and Israeli politicians are involved.

The Palestinians and their supporters are obliged to adhere to this «plan». However, the two-states solution «on the basis of the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as capital of both states» is supported by the UN and validated by numerous UN resolutions. This common-ground solution – not ideal – was accepted by the PLO (Palestinian Organisation for Freedom) and by the Israeli governments before Netanyahu’s one methodically sabotaged it. It was approved by an immense majority of states. The Trump/Netanyahu plan buried it definitively and put the Palestinians into a subordination position.

This plan is unbalanced and constitutes a new spoliation for the Palestinians with a fragmented territory (which is already the case), a Palestinian people deprived of a part of itself (the refugees whose status is far from acceptable) and a power without a real sovereignty, deprived of its genuine capital, Jerusalem.

In return, the plan provides substantial financial aid, that are quite blurry since the USA stopped already its aid to UNRWA, as if the integrity of one People could be bargained and bought.

The Peace Movement shares the bitterness and anger of many international reactions , including the one of the United Nations, which has just rejected this plan, stressing out that only UN resolutions, i.e. the accepted and legitimate multilateral framework, can stand for a basis for political solution, the two-state solution or any other modality enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate right to self-determination. Any political solution requires for its achievement a genuine commitment from the entire international community.

For Leïla Shahid, former ambassador of Palestine at EU’s level, this plan «is an attempt to return to the total annexation of the Palestinian territories, to rule out the question of refugees, and the one of Jerusalem […] it is tragic to see how managing authorities starting with the European Union, are unable to prevent this huge manipulation from happening».

The Peace Movement deplores the fact that the Minister of Foreign Affairs «welcomes the efforts of President Trump», and calls on the Government to carry out their political responsibilities since his statement mentions that «the two-state solution, in compliance with international law … necessary for the establishment of a fair and lasting peace in the Middle East.»

France would grow recognizing the State of Palestine as invited in 2014 by the National Assembly and the Senate, instead of limiting itself to make casual and formal declarations that don’t prevent Israel from expanding the settlements.

Our country, as permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, would thus create a favorable situation in order for other States or group of States (as the EU) to consider France as an example.

The Peace Movement believes that time has now to come for this people to finally exist and be capable of deciding for their own, to have the recognition of their rights, and be released from the hand of colonization and occupation.

It’s pressing to act to ensure the respect of Palestinian people’s rights.

The French Peace Movement -Le Mouvement de la Paix
Jan. 31, 2020


1. Unrwa L’Office de secours et de travaux des Nations unies pour les réfugiés de Palestine (UNRWA) :


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